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Paul Skenes, National Player of the Year, opens up about using the Newtforce mound and its impact.

Paul Skenes dominated the SEC with a whopping 209 strikeouts, leading the entire nation. This was more strikeouts than any college pitcher since way back in 2004 when Jered Weaver racked up 213 Ks. Skenes scooped up the coveted title of D1 National Player of the Year, no doubt well-deserved. Oh, and also played a crucial part in helping his team clinch the national championship.

Newtforce Mound

Skenes is not one to sit around and wait for things to happen. Nope, he actively seeks out opportunities to grow and improve. Whether it's refining his skills, crunching data, or tweaking his training methods, he's all in.

Skenes opened up about the impact and our cutting-edge mound has had on his performance;

I am relentlessly looking for an edge in terms of my performance on the mound and that is exactly what Newtforce has given me. The mound removes any guesswork on what I am doing with my lower half and allows me to see trends and make adjustments between pitches. The amount of data and information Newtforce gives me on a daily basis has allowed me to discover things about my body and understand my sequencing to a much greater level. I had never had access to this kind of real time data before going to LSU. As I look forward to my future development as a pitcher, Newtforce will play a critical role in allowing me to stay consistent with my training program and continue to develop a greater understanding of how my body should move.


National Champion and D1 National National Player of the Year

A big thanks to Paul Skenes for sharing his experience with our mound and we wish him continued success as he continues his push to be the best. We are excited about the opportunity to be part of your ongoing development and look forward to supporting you on your remarkable journey.

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