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Sensor Pitching Mound.

What are You Doing to Level Up?


Actionable Data

  • 3D Ground Force Insights Synced to 2 High Speed Cameras Available in Near Real Time
    • Quick visual feedback of 3D ground reaction forces to optimize lower half training and maximize player development

    • Stay ahead of the competition with immediate insights that drive performance improvements including enabling lower half efficiency to enable velocity. 

  • Simple Progress and Comparison Reports
    • Coaches can easily track player development, identify areas for improvement, and showcase results.
      • Compare secondary pitches to identify differences, and expose "tells".
      • Show lower half force improvement
    • Performance insights to enhance player development and communication with targeted reports that drive success.
  • Customizable CSV Exports
    • Tailored data access to empower coaches and analysts with precise, customizable data, streamlining decision-making and training strategies.

    • Make collaborative data-driven decisions simplified.

  • Easy to Capture and Navigate

    • ​Simplifies usage and remote viewing so organizations can quickly and efficiently use the Sensor Mound, minimizing the learning curve and resource allocation to scale. 

    • Efficiency and effectiveness to maximize training efficiency and effectiveness, reducing time and resources needed for skill development.


  • High Portability and Flexibility
    • System location flexibility and relocation and scalability

    • Seamless session adaptation and convenience.

  • Perform and Capture Drill Work or Movement Pattern
    • Near real-time feedback on drills and patterns

    • Precision in Skill Development​

Support and Expertise

  • Dedicated Customer Service with MLB Experience
    • Organizations receive 2 days of onboarding, education and specialized support, enhancing their overall experience and success with the product.

    • Partner in Success: Access expert guidance and support to unlock the full potential of your player development programs.

Research and Advancements

  • COP & 3D Force Data Access for Research

    • Research Opportunities: Organizations and researchers can conduct specialized studies, contributing to the advancement of pitching science and player development.

    • Contributing to Knowledge: Contribute to the growth and development of pitchers with access to invaluable data.

Plug and Play

  • System includes hardware and software. 

    • ​Everything you need is included in the system.

    • All we need is standard power and a flat-stable surface.

"NewtForce is an invaluable tool for pitching development. It’s easy to interpret ground force data allows coaches to understand what’s really going on with a player's lower body. Ground Reaction Forces synced with video in real-time allows players to connect the feel and real, and make the most of the time they have to develop.”

--Wes McGuire

Early Beginnings

When Wes Johnson was the pitching coach of the Arkansas baseball team, he realized there was a gap in the technology available for training pitchers. While motion capture and ballistics technology provided insight into a pitcher's delivery, Johnson wanted to know what was happening at ground level - specifically, the amount of force a pitcher was exerting.  ​Johnson reached out to his former classmate, Kyle Barker, who owned Texas based aerospace engineering company. Together, they set out to create a solution that would provide the missing information.  ​Barker's background in aerospace engineering and persistent experimentation (during which time, Paul Wanamaker nearly worked himself to death numerous times while Kyle watched or played golf) led to the creation of NewtForce’s Instrumented Mound. This 10-foot long, 5-foot wide, turf-covered piece of technology, which has a regulation downward slope, captures force in 3 directions at every point in their delivery.  ​The data collected by the NewtForce Mound, along with images taken from a high-speed camera, are then analyzed and used to improve a pitcher's performance and reduce the risk of injury. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way pitchers are trained.

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