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Lower Half Development Program

Details and Registration

Location: Alpha Baseball

Address: 4503 US-42, Mason, OH 45040
Why Join the Program
  • Unlock Your Potential: Focus on enhancing lower body efficiency with our expert-driven training program designed for pitchers aged 12 and up. On average, we unlocked an increase of 1.9 mph during our program study, but most importantly, we helped pitchers utilize their lower half to establish a strong foundation for growth. Read more about our Pilot Study on our program. 

  • Expert Assessments & Individualized Program: Assessments and hands-on medicine ball drill education will be at Alpha Baseball.

Program Highlights
  • Sessions: Choose from our Summer or Fall offerings.

  • Summer: initial assessments from June 3rd-14th.

  • Fall: Starts end of August (date TBA).

8 Weeks of Custom Training
  • Start with a initial assessment. 

  • Receive a personalized 4-week medicine ball program within a week. 

  • After 4 weeks, undergo a re-assessment, followed by an updated 4-week program.

  • Conclude with a final assessment and summary report of your progress.

Your Commitment
  • With the help of our assessment and training along the way, you’re on a journey of self-improvement, performing the prescribed medicine ball drills on your own throughout the 8-week program. This approach ensures you can integrate your training seamlessly into your schedule, maximizing your development. 

Who is this for? 

For now we're recommending the program for pitchers age 12 and up who value and know the importance of having a strong lower half and are committed to be the best pitcher they can be. 


Coaches looking to give the pitchers a leg up and believe know their pitchers could improve by using their lower half more efficiently.   

Ready to Unleash Your Lower Half Together?

Let’s go.

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