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Lower-Half Development Program
--Plans and Features

Newtforce R&D Center

Thanks for your interest in our Lower Half Development Program at Newtforce R&D Center. Whether you're new to our program or a returning participant, our focus is on unlocking the full potential and building a foundation for efficiency from the ground up. 


For first-time participants, the journey begins with choosing a package that best fits you and scheduling that baseline assessment at our state-of-the-art facility. 



Kickstart Package

This initial package is a prerequisite to ensure your training is built on a solid foundation of personalized data and insights.​

  • Baseline Assessment focused on a pitcher's lower half mechanics

  • Customized 4-week lower half training program delivered withing about a week of your assessment to implement on your own

  • Follow-up Assessment and Performance Review

  • Activate your Mastery Subscription to receive an updated training routine and continue to the growth process. 

Mastery Subscription


After completing the Kickstart Package, activate your Mastery Subscription to continue progressing. This subscription grants you updated training routines, access to assessments, ongoing performance reviews, ensuring your development continues.

Champion Plan

$1200/Annual Prepaid

Save by prepaying and purchasing our annual champion plan. 

  • Includes Kickstart Package

  • 11 months of Mastery Subscription

Newtforce Club Membership


We're selling a limited number of memberships to our Newtforce Club

  • Includes Kickstart Package

  • 11 months of Mastery Subscription

  • Weekly Tech-Assisted Training Sessions: 30 minutes of access to state-of-the-art technology each week at the Newtforce R&D Center


If you have 6 pitchers or more interested in joining the program together we have Group Pricing (per pitcher pricing).

Kickstarter Package per Pitcher


​Mastery Subscription per Pitcher


Champion Plan per Pitcher

$1000/Annual Prepaid


Kickstarter Package Features

Steps to expect for each pitcher during the Kickstarter. 

Chart analysis

1. Set Clear Goals (10 mins)

Setting clear goals helps pitchers focus on what they want to achieve, which provides motivation and direction.

Value: Pitchers can track their progress and work towards specific, measurable objectives, leading to improved performance and results.

ground reaction forces newtforce pitching insights.jpg

2. Baseline Assessment (20 mins)

During an assessment, each pitcher will: -- Throw approximately 10 pitches with a 5oz baseball. --Shot-put with 6 medicine balls, each weighing 6lbs. -- The 10 pitches are optional and depend on the player's current readiness. -- NewtForce pitching mound will record ground forces for all throws. --TrackMan will record ballistics during 5oz baseball throws. -- Stalker Sport 2 radar gun will record medicine ball velocity.

The assessment provides a starting point for each pitcher's performance and helps identify areas that need improvement.

Value: By gathering data on pitch velocity, ground forces, and other metrics, players can understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted training.

Wall of ideas

3. Analyze Assessment & Develop the Plan

-- After initial analysis, each player will receive a 4-week long individualized medicine ball program with access to video demonstrations of each of the exercises. -- The program will be completed within an estimated 5 days of the analysis by Will Barker, CSCS, a former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at LSU (2023 National Champions). -- Each player will receive their personal ground force and pitch ballistics summaries. -- Staff averages will be made available upon request.

Analyzing the assessment data enables the creation of personalized training plans tailored to each pitcher's needs.

Value: Pitchers receive individualized medicine ball programs with video demonstrations, empowering them to work on areas of weakness and enhance their overall performance.


4. Implement and Support

Pitchers receive guidance and support to execute their training programs effectively.

Value: This step ensures that pitchers follow through with their plans, maximizing the chances of improvement and reducing the risk of injury.


5. Follow-up Assessment and Review the Performance. (30 mins)

The follow-up assessment allows pitchers to measure their progress and make any necessary adjustments to their training plans should that choose to move to the Mastery Subscription

Value: Regular assessments help track performance improvements, identify any issues that may have arisen, and ensure continued development in the right direction.

Mastery Subscription Features

Repeat the following steps from the Kickstart Package on an estimated 4-6 week basis. Enables progress tracking, issue identification, and course correction in training plans to ensure ongoing development in the right direction on a monthly basis. 

Chart analysis

1. Update Goals and Development Plan


2. Implement and Support


3. Follow-up Assessment and Review the Performance. 

Who is this for? 

For now we're recommending the program for pitchers age 13 and up who value and know the importance of having a strong lower half.


Coaches looking to give the pitchers a leg up and believe know their pitchers could improve by using their lower half more efficiently.   

Ready to Unleash Your Lower Half?

Let’s go.

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