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NEW for Pitchers!

Lower Half Development Program

Join other pitchers developing their lower half to unleash potential and grow at our Newforce R&D Center using the latest tech combined with experience.

What's in it for you? 

Targeted Training to get Results. 
A simple and targeted approach to training an efficient lower half, which can result in more efficient velocity. 
ADD " Results - Range of changes from the initial Group"

What's our Approach?

Simple. Objective. Collaborative.

Enhance Training

This isn't about ditching your current training. It's about enhancing it. We’re here to complement, not complicate.

Secret Sauce 

It’s a proprietary program aimed specifically at improving lower body mechanical efficiency. We utilize medicine balls (ranging from 6 lbs-10 lbs) thrown in a shot put or two-handed overhead motion to minimize stress placed on the throwing arm. Our integrative and individualized approach that uses objective information is the future of training

Your Unique Path

Development is best individualized. Our mission? Understand your strengths and weaknesses, unlock your potential, and go on the growth journey with you. 

Brains Behind the
Development Program.

At the heart of Newtforce’s Lower Half Development Program is Kyle & Will. Their journey, mixed with hands-on experiences and insights from leaders in the baseball industry, has laid the foundation of our groundbreaking of our proprietary program.

Grounded in Collaboration.

We've taken some cues from the best in the game: Wes Johnson, Matt Hobbs, Derek Groomer, and Blaine Kinsley. With their wisdom in our program, we're not just following; we're innovating. Crafting our methods, adapting and enhancing our program to individualize development.


Product Manager

Alexa Young


Product Manager

Alexa Young

Derrick Groomer.jpg

Product Manager

Alexa Young


Tech Lead

Don Francis

Ready to Make the Leap?

Let’s go. We’re waiting.


11707 Maumelle Blvd

North Little Rock, AR 72113


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